The Dirty Little Secrets Improv Show started in 2015 the back room of a Mexican restaurant on Avenue A in New York City. A group of pals got together with the goal of making each other laugh. When the bell used in the show started being confused for the kitchen's ding to notify waiters that food was ready, we knew it was time to move venues. Since then, the show has been going strong in the East Village's storied Niagara! The Dirty Little Secrets Improv Show also runs in Vancouver and has also popped up in Dublin, Ireland. We've gone international, y'all!

Andrew Adamietz
Frank Angelini
Danny Dumsha
Megan Dunlop
Melissa Ferraro
Emily Gordon
Kristin Kirkley
Pedro Lee
Anthony Minto
Ingeborg Riedmaier
Tahlia Robinson
Lauren E. Scheibly
Stephen Sheffer

Photos by Diana Mino

Michael Barry Anderson
Andrew Barber
Erica Bigland
Jamie Chrest
Dan Dumsha
Clare Fillipow
Ed Forrester
Ali Froggatt
Angela Galanopoulos
Jeff Gladstone
Meghan Hemingway
Brendan Kelly
Aamir Khan
Megan Lai
Robert MacKie
Allen Morrison
Sarah Dawn Pledge
Claire Pollack
Brad Rossington
Michael Sousa
Stephanie Webster
Jonathan Squires